Sexing up machines or machining up sex?

Sexing up machines or machining up sex?
Honey Thief by I Guyjin.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

True Fire Book 3. The Q'Herindam

Well here it is, at last! I'm tempted to say the final book but it isn't. Although it rounds out the story on one land mass, there's the rest of the world to consider and like this planet, trouble occurs in more than one place. I already have vast swathes of a story floating around. It will bring back some or most of the protagonists from this trilogy. True Fire Book 3. The Q'Herindam available soon.
The Dominion is no more but as the Lands return to peace, the Q’Herindam implement an insidious plan to poison the hearts and minds of those in power and weaken the populace. Ch’ron, the Darkwood which supports the M’Herindar is dying, also a victim of the Q’Herindam. Arwhon learns where he might locate the Firemagic he desperately needs to fight the Q’Herindam and seeks out the Dwarves under Mehgrin’s Wall. Kuiran sails to Wyalon on Jalwynd to discover his true heritage while the Servant learns important life lessons from Merdon in Belvedere. This exciting third volume of the True Fire series follows Arwhon, his Shield, Arm and Servant as they embark on separate, exciting adventures culminating in momentous magical events.   

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

True Fire Book 2 The Fall Of Belvedere

Here is the cover of the second book in the True Fire Trilogy which is out now. 
You can find it at Amazon, CreateSpace, Bookstores and of course at Kindle. The book is already receiving  positive reviews which I find to be rewarding after putting so much time into writing it. 
Book 3 - The Q'Herindam, is already written, it just needs a little more fine tuning and hopefully will be ready for release before the end of September.

'Arwhon, now healed by Ch’ron and with M’Herindar eyes, is shown alarming visions in the pool of the Wise Ones. He witnesses a Q’Herindam Dark Mage assist Empress Martine’s armies and her allies, the Draakon Reavers, overrun the city of Belvedere in the greatest battle ever waged for total Dominion. He also sees Kuiran, his Arm, fighting bravely on the walls in defence of the city but Arwhon is not there. Should he ignore the visions and stay to help defend Belvedere in her final hours of need or go with his Shield and Servant to fight Martine’s evil Dominion elsewhere?
Kuiran has discovered his true heritage in the unlikeliest way but will he live long enough to learn more?
Arwhon’s quest to overcome Evil continues. Can he learn to use Firemagic or does it still elude him and why is there need for a new Servant?'

For a peek inside - True Fire Book 2

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

True Fire Book 1 - The Ring of Truth

True Fire Book 1 is probably one of the best books I have written so far. I am quite excited about the whole True Fire Trilogy which is already completed. It's style is that of epic fantasy. The detailed story puts the reader into the Northern Lands of the preindustrial True Fire world.  Below is the 'blurb' from the back cover.

'After his father is senselessly slaughtered by Draakon Reavers,
a naïve youth, Arwhon, is sent to his remarkable grandmother in Belvedere. Along the way he becomes an instrument of Fate, eventually destined to save Man from obliteration.
The evil Q’Herindam intend to wipe Man from existence. Only Darkwood magic stops them. Their paramount Mage recruits the ageless Empress Martine to wage yet another war for total Dominion. She captures the heirs to the Barsoom Throne and demands their homeland as ransom.
So begins the chain of events which transform the youth, Arwhon, into the hope of Man. Along the way he will need much help from the Servant who finds him, the beautiful, amethyst-eyed M’Herindar who Shields him and a giant bodyguard, his Arm.'

The three books of True Fire, a fantasy trilogy, are written in the traditional epic style where the reader is immersed in a world populated with a multitude of realistic characters. They take on a life of their own and draw us, unwittingly, into sharing their existence while they pursue a solution to the evil growing in the land. 
For a peek inside just click on the link. True Fire Book 1        

        True Fire Books 2 & 3 will be released shortly.  

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Two new titles for an excellent read!

I just scared myself by realising how long it has been since I posted anything on this blog site. The Femmebots have been written about and I have been hard at work rewriting my first two books and publishing them. 
The tale is one that had figured in my dreams a number of times and when I got around to writing it, the story was almost all there. The Final Song was my first book. Rewind is the sequel. Both books deal with how the Devil and his demon children are trying to garner more souls by using technology but primarily it is a story about greed and human nature. 
                                      The covers are below.

Both are available in paperback from Amazon and CreateSpace and also as a Kindle edition.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

At Last! Published and Affordable.

Leading on from my last post - I am going to take the opportunity to display the book covers of all the books I have recently published using CreateSpace. I did so to make them as widely available and as inexpensive as I possibly could.

This book has been read by close to a hundred thousand people, most liked it but a few hated it. I found it wonderful that none could ignore it and the reviews illustrated that.

I wondered if I could write a further chapter in Reece's life and this is the result. The few reviews it has since its release are glowing.

I tried in Electric Goanna Dreams to meld sci-fi with Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime mythology. Yes, it sounds odd but it works! Positive reviews reinforce my opinion thankfully.

This is another 'original'. I try to write out of the mold which does not impress Publishers who want books to 'fit' into a genre to make them easier to sell.

  I think this is my favourite book in that the subject matter is one I agonised over for a long time yet managed to write a mystery thriller around it. There are posts on here regarding actual silicone 'Love Dolls' which are available today - pictures too. You would be amazed. I merely extrapolated into a possible future.

 Yes, I make my own book covers, take the photographs, play around, make the odd 3D art, pick font, write the blurbs etc. They are not perfect but I am happy with the results - they don't appear too amateurish. Shame I couldn't match the red on the EGD cover but there are limitations. 

All these books are available in hard-copy on or
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

'Image' - A face to the World.

Recently I have been publishing my books with CreateSpace/Amazon to make hardcopies available at an affordable price and had to consider which author photograph to place on the rear of the covers. This got me to thinking about the images of ourselves we show the world. Last year I read a book 'A Face to the World' by Laura Cumming which dealt with how artists have portrayed themselves in self portraits over the centuries and why they choose particular images to do so.
This is not a vanity trip but the only person I have more than a few images of, all taken within the last ten years, is me, so I have to go with them. Also, I don't have to ask for permission to put them up.

This particular image is the one I chose for the back of the books being published now - but why? What am I saying by using this photo? Below is a selection of photos, all taken within the last ten years, any of which I could have chosen for an author photo. In fact, two of them have graced the back of earlier publications.

Clean shaven shots.

So. Clean shaven is exposing a whole face to the world and keeping nothing back as far as features go. Some people, however, like to maintain partial anonymity and hide behind beards or extravagant makeup which changes an appearance considerably. 

Bearded shots, a few with sunglasses which hide the eyes. Take a moment to look at all of the above images. Some could almost be different people but I assure you they are not.
In a way, posting many images like this is a form of exposure, which I find difficult as I am a somewhat private person. All of us present an image to the world on a daily basis. Some people use the same image their whole lives while others change regularly. 
Which are you?

Finally, although the top picture appears a little bland, it was cropped from one of me astride a Harley.

This picture presents a very different image from that of the face alone and perceptions and impressions will vary quite a bit from those formed by looking at just the face. 
Images, images, images.
What is real?

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The 'Science' of Lingerie - Part 2

  Just when things are going fine, life always seems to throw me a curve. It's been a while since the first part of this article was posted and I apologise to anyone waiting for the second installment.

I have chosen to use comic art to illustrate the science of lingerie. It is also known as 'nerd porn' but interestingly, nearly all the women depicted in this genre fit the physical parameters described in the first article on this subject. That is, except for breast size which tends to be amplified. Adds to the idea of form choice being a genetic imperative. 
Lingerie, like plumage and fur, is designed to direct the eye to the areas of the female body discussed in Part 1. Although the use of scant clothing has been around for a long time, lingerie is a relatively recent phenomenon as the materials and fabrics used in their construction are modern products. 
The above illustration has a number of key points. Stockings, besides emphasizing the leg shape, tend to focus the eye on the expanse of skin above them, while suspenders delineate areas of interest and underlying curves. The small G string hides the vulva but emphasizes the area by imitating the shape of pubic hair and pointing like an arrowhead to a place of interest. The sleeves draw the gaze to the bare shoulders which continues on to the breasts and the dark panels in the sides of the garment pull the eyes down.

The picture above is an example of a garment which hardly conceals but the emphasis is downward. Eyes go to cleavage first but the cut of the lingerie draws the eyes lower. The breasts are obvious but still concealed which is one of the hallmarks of well designed lingerie. Near exposure but still hidden.

Now the rear view. Once again, leg coverings to show skin at the area of interest while the covered back really makes the buttocks stand out. In this example, the shoulders are left bare while the arm wrappings draw the eyes to them.

Another rear view with a different approach. The lines of the body are left alone but the essential piece is covered.

This is the opposite approach where everything is covered except for a small window which draws the eye.

Before I go onto minimalism, here is another example of direction. The colour and style of the above garment draws the eye to the cleavage but only for a moment as the eye is then drawn downward by the vee which points below. Again, the covered leg treatment pulls the eye upward to where the skin shows. Similarly the shoulders are made to stand out.

The classic minimalist lingerie. Arms and legs covered to draw attention to the torso, lots of cleavage and shoulders while below is a small vulval covering and suspenders for delineation. Not much left for the imagination but still covered.

And again but with smaller breast coverings and more delineation.

Minimalist can also reveal the shape of the whole body while still maintaining a modicum of concealment. This is less what lingerie is about and moves into the area of bikinis etc. Lingerie is the use of lines and also colour to direct the observer's eye to specific areas of the human female body. As previously discussed, these areas are genetically coded into the male psyche and are used as part of a selection process for choosing a mate.

 I haven't yet mentioned stiletto heels, the purpose of which is to cause the calf muscles to bunch slightly to bring out the leg shape. One of my favorite illustrators, Simon Bisley, uses every trick of lingerie and sometimes stilettos in his pictures which are often cartooned a little for effect.

So, to sum up. Lingerie is the use of lines, curved or straight, to draw attention to various parts of the human female body. The lingerie designer needs to utilise the same sort of thinking as the comic artist but use his expertise to create a physical piece of apparel. Colour is an eye of the beholder thing. Black works well because it is able to contrast against pale skin while white works well against colored skin. Other colours are a matter of personal preference for the wearer or observer and can be used to convey a suggestion or influence mood but that is another story.
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